Inventory Refresh issue

I notice at the bottom of the editor’s Inventory window there is an option to assign a hot key to the Inventory refresh function. I’m having two problems with it.

  1. If I hover my mouse cursor over the refresh button, it does not show the assigned hot key, so no one will know that such an assignment exists.

  2. It doesn’t always work. If the focus is on the Inventory window, then using the hot key does nothing. It does not refresh the window, but the refresh button does. If the focus is anywhere but the Inventory window, then the refresh hot key works.

As an aside, what’s suppose to happen if I assign the same hot key to multiple functions? Does it execute all of them in some unknown order? I assigned the same key to two maps, and both opened when I pressed that hot key. That was useful, but I wonder if that is expected behavior. I tried this with my inventory refresh hot key, say alt-R. With focus in inventory, I pressed alt-R, and not only did it not refresh the inventory, but it also didn’t do any other alt-R hot keys anywhere. Inventory swallowed it completely.

As a second side note (and what I REALLY care about), is there a way to issue a GKC when I refresh an inventory? I need to update a displayed property as part of the refresh, and I can’t see any way to do it. I may have to resort to creating my own custom inventory window.

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