Invisable trait not allowing report trail to work at all

Is that as designed or a bug? I wanted to manually report position based on range even if the unit is hidden, naval miniatures design I am working on. At first I thought the InvisibleToOthers was the problem but I tried a simple crtl R to trigger the report and while hidden it will not report at all.

Only work around I can think of is to somehow manually check ranges using the escorts and trigger the report that way but it will be much more work.

Any suggestions? It happens in the older vassal and the new 3.3.2 tried two different 1.8.0_xxx versions of java same thing. Windows 7.

Have a look at this wiki section on trait order … t_Problems.

An active invisible trait will prevent enclosed Report Traits from reporting. Try moving the the Report Trait below the Invisible Trait in the list of traits for that piece.

Doesn’t matter still does the same thing, total shutdown of all reporting.

Beta test version fixes it though!