Invisible at start - visible on action


I’m struggling with the invisible trait. I looked at some posts here but could not really find my solution.

I want some text/label/pieces to be hidden at start, and to pop-up based on actions/triggers.

Is the best way to do that to set an invisible trait ? But then how to hide at first ?

Or a Mask trait, with no image for the back ???

Is there a pop-up tool available ?

What’s your favorite method ?

Thanks all

Piece with no defined base image, add a Layer trait that can be activated by whatever keystroke you want.

Hi Joel. Thanks. This is what I use for the pieces I want to hide/show.
But the text labels don’t follow the image layers principles.
That’s why I wanted some examples about : text you hide at first, and you display when needed.
I could make the text permanent and use a piece to hide it, then delete/hide that piece, but that means I need the exact background color for the piece, and my text may not always be on a plain color background.

I would use a different approach. I would create the pieces so they would be off map, either in another window or to the left of the main window so no one could see them. (Give the piece a large negative X value.) When I would want one to pop up, I’d do a “send to location” so it would move to the visible area. When dismissed, it would return to its hidey-hole.

Hi shilinski. Good idea ! I didn’t think about that one !
What I did was : invisible trait 0% transparent, set from the Startup Global Key Command.
Then the same trait is called when I want to display the text. Though, I like your approach better, as some rapid double-clicks would hide and show the piece … plus when the module is loaded, there’s a short moment when I can see all my not-yet-hidden pieces.