Irregular Grid Send To Location

Is there a way to prioritize which Irregular Grid point a Send To Location uses? I have some areas that are unusually shaped, for instance, Czechoslovakia. In order for drag n’ drop movement reports to be somewhat accurate, I need to define multiple Irregular Grid traits for those areas. Regardless of what order I place those traits, the Send to Location always sends the Piece to the nearest point. So it seems the order of those Irregular Grid traits location doesn’t matter, only CurrentLocation of the unit when the Send To is triggered. Is there any trick with Zones that can be employed? I can think of two workarounds but both seem to have issues:

  1. Always use X-Y coordinates and never Location Names, but that’s very cumbersome for my application because players are selecting Location Names from a Dynamic List. If I had to use coordinates, I’d need to create a ton of Calculated Properties to translate all those Location Names into X and Y coordinates before executing the Send To Location.
  2. Create alias Location Names like "Czechoslovakia " for the duplicate Irregular Grid traits for “Czechoslovakia”. Only use “Czechoslovakia” with the Send to Location. The downside is some movement reports would have annoying extra blank space after the area name.

Have you tried making a Czechoslovakia “zone” (inside of which are apparently several Czhechoslovakia grid locations), and then for the zone properties setting the Location Format field to $name$ instead of $gridLocation$

I’m not precisely sure how that would all work out (having not had that particular use case myself), but I’m pretty sure that send-to-location to a “Region” would then be looking for the zone name not the individual grid locations.

I frequently use zones with different Zone names but the same Location name. You can send to whatever specific Zone you like while reports and effects based on LocationName are all consistent throughout the different Zones.

I’ve concluded that Irregular Grids should be avoided for games with “area” maps. Zones are far better because you can draw any polygon shape you want.

Yeah and you can hide an Irregular Grid underneath your Zone if you want, to provide specific places for you to “send things to” in automation. If you leave the leave the Location Format in your Zone set to $name$ then only the Zone name will be used for reports and for when you Send-to-Location to a “Region”. You can then Send-to-Location to a “Grid Location” when you want to use the Irregular Grid.