IrregularGrid immobilizes all card movement

I have been working on my first project for a game in which there are three columns where two players battle out. You add up to 4 cards in each of the columns to be able add up your points and win.

My problem is that I first created a deck for each of those four slots only to find out that the cards cannot use functions like Delete, Replace, Rotate, etc. because they are not on the board. I thought to remedy the situation with a grid of sorts. The rectangular grid will not work, because there are instances where the cards are horizontal instead of vertical I was hoping to use an irregulargrid, but as soon as I set it up NO CARDS CAN BE MOVED from their original deck.

I unchecked the “snap to position” box, reloaded, and the cards worked fine. However, that defeats the point of having a grid…

Hopefully there is an elegant solution to my problem.

P.S. How do I add buttons to the top bar. Especially for player’s hand and expansion cards? If there is a quick solution to this, that would also be lovely. G’night!

Might be the regions’ locations in contrast to the deck’s location… maybe?.. I’m not sure? Sorry if this doesn’t help, but (with the snap to positioning back on) try adding one extra new region to your grid using the exact location of your deck. Then try moving the cards about. Anything?

Honestly that did the trick! Thanks so much!

Great! Oh, for the menu buttons…you can add your own, like an Action button or Multi-action button that you’d plug other things into… but for maps and player hands, etc, you need to check their “Include toolbar to show/hide” property. Then after saving and reopening the module in the editor, a button text line will appear below it.

Thanks, I was confused because it needed to be reloaded. But it’s looking good now!