Is it OK to add a game for private testing?

Hi, I made a Vassal module to be tested by myself and a friend. It seems easiest to test it here. Is there anything to prevent us from using it only privately for now, and is there a way to mark it invisible/private until we know it’ll work? If these things have been covered somewhere please don’t be snide. I’m just tired, not lazy.


Not sure what you mean by “test it here”. If you send the module to your friend and do not share it with anyone else only him and yourself will be able to play it so it is still private in a sense

Right, I wasn’t aware of the conventions, having just logged on for the first time this morning. Thanks for the reply! Nice idea, this whole thing, by the way. If there’s anything I can do to help let me know. I’m quite competent at designing graphic stuff and a professional artist/painter. Not as good with data.