Is it possible to do a score track via rectangular grid?


I was wondering if there was an “easy” way to implement a score track using a rectangular grid, rather than painstakingly drawing 100 locations on the board. I can add the grid and the numbering but I’m not sure how I’d go about reporting it and calculating a total.


I have the same question. Any ideas?
For example, I have a map with a multi-zone grid that includes sections for year, diplomatic status, money, and a “generic points” grid. I ended up having to create zones for each and naming them. Furthermore, this method doesn’t allow markers placed inside to “snap” to the center.

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Zones can have Rectangular or Irregular grids inside them. In the Location Format section of the Zone config, you can use $gridLocation$ so that the location reported by the included grid is used as the locationName instead of the Zone name. Using an Irregular grid with the ‘Snap to defined Point?’ option turned on will give you snapping to named areas. If you use a Rectangular Grid, inside the zone, then in the Grid Numbering component, set the ‘Location Format’ to $column$ instead of $gridLocation$ and only the column number will be used as the locationName (or $row$ for vertical grids).

Also, consider that just because the physical games uses markers moving along a track to record something, doesn’t mean the Vassal version of the game has to. Especially if the score grids are laid out on the map board, it becomes a pain to play as you have to constantly scroll the map around to find the score grids. Consider either a) moving the score grids into a separate window where they can stay visible and be easily accessible and/or b) changing from using a grid to a Global Property to maintain the score that is displayed on a score counter and has commands or Action Buttons to manipulate the score value.


Thanks Brent. I’ll give it a go.

UPDATE: Worked as advertised. Perfect!