Is there a primer/instructions on how to modify a module?

Been thinking about upgrading a game module that is in existence, but I have no idea on how complicated this is, and if I need to be a computer geek to do so. There some kind of instruction book out there to read up on this?

Pretty new myself. I use the Designer’s guide as a starting point. Then it is pretty much trial and error. Also, I often look at other modules to see how their designers created them.

Start small: upgrade a simple module before trying bigger ones.

Just be aware that the Designers Guide is ‘Fan Fiction’ and is very out of date, it has not been maintained.

Don’t get me wrong, it is great at introducing the basics, but it is for a much earlier version of Vassal and there have been many changes since that make some of its content incorrect or misleading.


I’d recommend watching: and the subsequent module creation videos. These should give you a general idea of how Vassal works.