Is there a way for Vassal produce a result when two card are

Is there a way for Vassal produce a result when two card are played?


Player A plays a card # 1 and Player B plays card #2.
The game uses a matrix such that when these two cards are played the result is always X.

Is there a way to produce this result automatically in Vassal?

Yes. Make a new global property with numeric values 0-2, starting at 0. Place a trigger in each of those two cards to increment that global by 1 when the card is played. If both are played, without the global having been cleared back to 0, then the value would reach 2, indicating your “X” result.

Hopefully that gives you an idea - I can elaborate if need be. Other things to consider would be if the order matters, how the “X” result is handled/presented from there, and importantly: how exactly to clear the global back to 0 (so if player A plays card 1, and player B plays card 5, then you want the global cleared from its 1 status back down to 0). A non-applicable card being played could clear the global, or a turn or phase counter could do it… and actually something like the latter would be best if you don’t want the result wrapping over turns (i.e., preventing: end of turn 3, player A plays card 1; start of turn 4, player B plays card 2).

Hope that helps.

Thanks. I will give it a try.