Is there a way to calculate supply usage?

I’m designing a WW2 campaign and want to incorporate supply and oil features. IS there way to have oil point go down everytime an aromor, mech unit or air unit moves? Is there a way to have the supply points go down each turn for total units on board, units that moved, etc.?

An auto script for this would be great to make the gameplay less tedious. But the rules would make being in supply and getting supply/oil a vital strategic goal.

Any ideas?

Yes this is possible - In the same vein as I described for the Army Points
calculations in another thread but instead you would use a Dynamic Property
instead of Global Properties and make sure to have a reset mechanism if

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Great! Is this explained in detail how to design or implement? I’m not that techy… :smiley:

Not the same thing - but similar … =1168#1168

A demo mod there. You would have to adjust it for your purposes / specific use but premise is more or less the same