Is there a way to create Hidden Die Rolls?

For example in a game of Pacific War (VG) there are die rolls that must be hidden from the opponent, for example, to determine Command Points and Operational Intelligence.

OK - Fairly easy to do. Couple of questions
Do the players have their own specific map windows or is there just one main map?
At any time do these secret rolls need to be revealed later on (authenticated) to the opposing player - i.e to prevent cheating? When the dice is rolled is a report necessary to the chat window to indicate when a player rolls his hidden dice (without reporting the total of course)

Depending on these answers I’ll make you up a demo tonight showing how to do this.
The general gist is to display your dice results through setup At start stacks that have layers (dice symbols) that follow a DP. The DP value gets set by the $result$ of a rolled dice/die.
Your going to need to cover the At start stacks with an invisible or mask trait, possibly also a restricted access depending on your module map layouts and give the At start stack an action button or right click menu to reveal/hide when necessary

dbowman wrote:

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Tim, is there any way of expanding on your method to have two teams that have dice rolls hidden from each other?

For the module I’m updating right now (Dawn Patrol), there are two teams, each of which has hidden dice rolls. We’ve been working around this by having each side open a separate console for their team, but I’d really like to find a way to do it using a single console window.

There is only one main map but there are other displays private to each side that have map characteristics.

The rolls for Strategic Intelligence and Operational Intelligence would be made known (authenticated) simultaneously when the Reaction Player reveals the Operational Intelligence level to the Operation Player at the appropriate time. The exact timing varies depending upon the OI level.

The command point roll is normally never revealed but sould be authenticated for online play but not until the end of the month.

Also the hidden die roles occur during various times during a turn, not just at the start.

I see a need possibly for a Command Point die for each side, a Srategic Intelligence die for each side and then an Operational Intelligence Level die for each side. I believe these are the only hidden die rolls that are needed.

Another die would be used for the other regular revealed die rolls that occur for searches and combat

Another action that takes place, and this has nothing to do with die rolls, is the bidding of Command Points for determining who will be the Operation Player. There would need to be a way for each player to type in a hidden number or bid and then simultaneously have the numbers revealed to each other. Each side could type in a bid and hit ready but the number could not be known until the opponent types in his number and also hits ready and then a reveal button would show the bids at the same time. Maybe the ready button as actually checking a box and the reveal button is actually a button. The reveal button shouldn’t work until both opponents have checked their ready box.

On Feb 6, 2008, at 1:00 PM, dbowman wrote:

This is already doable, with the Delayed tab of the Notes window.

You would just have each player create a delayed note with their bid.
The creation of the note is printed in the log.
Once both sides had entered bids, they would reveal them.

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Here is the demo mod (inside zip) that simulates hidden rolls within a private players window w/ the ability to reveal the hidden roll on main map for authentication.

Whenever player rolls/rerolls, chat window throws a report stating the action has been taken (without revealing result) and also erases previously revealed result on the main map

This also makes a good demo for use of action buttons utilizing variable passing so it can be modified to do similar things

Let me think about this one a little Kevan. It should be doable, but require the pieces in just the one window (main map) so ownership via invisible/restricted access would be needed and you probably have to pre define the pieces in a setup file as starting invisible. I’d like to think that somehow using the PlayerSide filter would be handy here if I could ever figure out how to work it :slight_smile:

I’ll post a modified variant of the above example for this once I think of best way for me to do it

How do I load this into the Module?

On Feb 7, 2008, at 1:35 PM, dbowman wrote:

You don’t load it into the module.

Instead, you load it into the editor and see how it is done.
Then set up the same things in your module.

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How do I load this into the editor?

Thus spake “dbowman”:

The module is in the attached zip file. You need to unzip it first.
(This is because the forum doesn’t permit files with a .mod extension.)


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Reopening this topic, thanks.

Trying to re-create this for the PW reprint module and the buttons don’t seem to work in 3.5.8. Is there a new/better way to do this?


Hi There! Everything described in this thread that used to work should still be working fine in 3.5.8. It might be useful to try to find a module that has this working correctly and see if you can adapt it?

Thanks, the thread mentions an attached example module, is it still here somewhere?

Hunh - looks like it went missing in the forum change, although @uckelman may be able to find a copy. Or @Tim_M have still have the example around somewhere? Was this never built into the Pacific War module back at the time?

It was, but it’s not working in my latest dev copy. It is possible I broke it somehow. I will have to go back a few versions and find a working version.

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So I tried an older version of the module that should’ve worked. It doesn’t. When I click the Action Button with the mouse nothing happens, was there a change regarding the mouse input?

Here’s the example module. It’s from 2008, so no guarantees that it still works.

Thanks, I will give it a look.

So, sadly, same issue with the example as in my module. there must’ve been some change internally that is preventing this from working.