Is there any way to copy files from one module to another?

I converted an ADC2 module to VASSAL. Because the grid coordinates of the ADC2 module were in a diagonal and horizontal pattern, I named each hex with the coordinates set to a zero font. That way the coordinates showed in the ADC2 terrain box whenever the pointer was over a hex.

When the module was converted to VASSAL, the hex coordinates were shown in the Search inventory, but not on the map. Tim McCarron showed how to put the coordinates on the VASSAL map so that when the pointer is over a hex, the coordinates show. The procedure is very labor intensive requiring about 20 actions to set one coordinate and with thousands of hexes, one can estimate the time required to fix a map. Now all would have been well, except that when the module was converted to VASSAL, the conversion program did not understand that there could be two units (symbols in ADC2 system) with the same name – in this case [British] Supply and [German] Supply. Consequently, VASSAL gave the British and German the same German color. I could correct this in ADC2 (I tried to do it in VASSAL, but couldn’t) by changing the symbol (unit) name slightly and did so. I then imported the corrected ADC2 module to VASSAL, but now have to redo the entire map (2,592 hexes X 20 = 51,840 actions). So, I believe that you can understand my search for a way to transfer the Irregular Grid information from the first conversion to the second.

There is a menu selection for “Copy” when the Irregular Grid file (Edit Module \ Map Window \ Map Boards \ Board \ Irregular Grid) is right clicked in the original VASSAL conversion. However, the Paste is grayed out in the corrected conversion.

Is there any way to transfer the data from the original conversion to the corrected version?

This is not an error or bug, just the way things are so I’ve attached no detailed information or log file. If further system information is needed, please let me know.

Only by unzipping the two modules and editing the build files. And you will
have to cut out the right info from the old one and paste it into the right
place in the new one.

It should be easy to identify what you need in the old buildfile as you read
it, as it will be a list of numbers/info after the map tag (2592 entries
that all look the same 1 after the other - 1 for each hex) that is defining
the irregular grid.

Before you try, make copies of your modules in case something messes up. It
will be unfixable if you mess up the build file.

If you still have trouble I can do it for you

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Thanks! I’ll give it a try.