Is there really no way to force a side to resign?

I took my laptop with me for vacation (I usually play on my desktop), but am unable to log in as my side in the Oath game we are playing via Vassal. I thought that there must be some way to force my side to resign so that we can continue, but I absolutely cannot find it.

No, this isn’t possible. Are you able to guess at what personal module password you might have set on your desktop? The reason you’re experiencing this is that the personal module password you set on your laptop doesn’t match what’s embedded in your saves/logs for the ongoing game.

It was a very simple password, and now I am afraid I might have mistyped it on the other machine.

Also, why this level of enforced security for a board game? I would expect it to be fairly straightforward for us to force the resignation of an absent player and substitute someone for them.

Private message me a cloud storage link (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc) to your current game file and I can provide assistance.

The short answer is that the user management portions of the software are really old and so embedded in the architecture that it was never feasible to redesign them in a way that makes more sense. Many games have private windows or game information that needs to be hidden from other players, so some security element is a necessity.

Thank you. I sent a PM.