It works! But how to reset the locked dice?

So I finally got my multiple locking dice thing figured out and the dice all work and lock correctly now. Whew… But I can’t get the Reset button to work right to unlock the locked dice for beginning another turn. I figure the command of Alt Shift Ctrl Enter should reset the value to 0 on all of the Lock properties, but something isn’t configured right with that, because it’s not doing anything when I click the Reset button. It doesn’t help that I really don’t know what I’m doing and was only able to hack together the dice to work after copying what I could from another module and many hours of trial and error tweaking that (and I doubt I’d be able to repeat that from scratch!). :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s a link: If someone could please take a look at that and let me know how I might fix it, that would be much appreciated!

I would usually use a marker to identify the GKC targets, ie add a Marker trait with name: ‘button’, value ‘lock’ or whatever…
Then on your ‘reset’ button set property value for GKC trait to ‘button = lock’ , assuming they all have the same key command to unlock

Alt_Ctrl_Shift_ENTER (I would change this to Ctrl+Shift+ENTER, as Ubuntu Linux seems to dislike Alt+Ctrl combos except as system short cuts… I had to change it to get it working at all…)

Although with the Lock_1-Lock_8 being global properties, you could set these directly from the reset button, with a trigger and 8 set_Global_Property traits…

The ‘reset’ button, by the way, has the action button off center and therefore only works if pressed on the bottom right hand corner. Simple to put right by changing the x y offset on the Action button trait.

In short:
use Global Key Command trait on ‘reset’ button
Markers to identify the lock buttons as targets for the command
and adjust the Action button on the ‘reset button’ piece
same principle on the ‘Ctrl’ button should you need to keep that…
Oh, and I would probably send the command to a fixed 8 pieces for the sake of streamlined functioning.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Here is your module fixed.
You were very close. The problem was in your reset. You dont want triggers as they only act on the reset piece itself, you needed the Global Hotkey to reset all the other pieces and Set Global property to reset all the GP’s back to 0

Thanks much! I’ll check it out later.