Java being detected as a threat by my Anti Virus software

Hey all - I’m using Avast antivirus for years and overall have been very, very satisfied with it. However, when I recently uploaded a newer version of the VASSAL engine (3.5.6), Avast quarantined it because it’s linked to Java. I’m hesitant to restore Java, as I’ve read in several other forums that a malware and viruses can exploit it.
Looking for some advise here… thoughts? Do I need to be concerned about restring Java? Is there an alterative? Thanks.

Avast (and some other AVs–I think AVG also has this problem) seems to be overly paranoid about Java. VASSAL needs Java to work, and the version of Java included with VASSAL is the latest release, and should be perfectly safe. In addition, VASSAL doesn’t register its bundled Java with the system, so there is no way for any other program to even know it is there in order to exploit it if there does happen to be a vulnerability in it, after all.

My workplace anti-virus also makes it impossible to install 3.5.6 and up. I’m not sure though whether that’s due to a change in Vassal, or a change in the anti-virus.

Thanks guys. I found a way to allow Java, just wanted to make sure the concerns my anti-virus software seemed to have about it were on point. I appreciate the quick replies.

Nothing we changed between 3.5.5 from 3.5.6 should cause VASSAL to be flagged by any antivirus program. Please report the false positive to your AV vendor. (Which one is it, btw?) That’s the only way this kind of problem will ever get resolved.

Trend Micro’s Apex One is the name of the AV my workplace is using.