Joining a game/server.

When I go to the “who’s playing live” section of the website, I see many people and games. However when I go to my 40k 5.2 mod, I do not see any games I can join, dispite thier being several showing up in the “who’s playing live” section. I am probably failing, but could some one help me so I know what to do? Thanks.

Your module probably has a different name from the other 40k modules, making it a different game as far as VASSAL is concerned. Assuming here you’re not doing something wrong ofc.

Are you joining the server properly by following the instructions you can
find in the Module Manager under Help > Users Guide, Page 5 : Playing on the
Vassal Server?

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The guide does not appear to work. When I got to, it says the domain has expired.

Nevermind. Found the right one.

Not that guide

Start Vassal
In the Module Manager (first thing you see where all your modules are
listed), on the toolbar go to Help > Users Guide.

A Pdf for Vassal will open up

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Ok, found it. I did what it said and now it shows Main room, with me in it. Is this what it’s supposed to do, or am I supposed to see other people?

That’s right - you are now in the Main room for that particular module. If
there are other users also not already in game just hanging around this is
where they will show up.

If there are games ongoing they should be listed below “Main Room” with
their own folders w/ players inside.

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Wierd. There are no ongoing games or folders. Methinks I do not have the correct vassal 40k 5.2. If it is legal, could someone send me a copy of the correct version?