Just getting started

I’m planning on installing VASL to play ASL on my Win10 laptop.

Win10 V1703
Intel Core i7-7500 CPU @ 2.7GHz
16 GB Ram
64-bit OS, x64-based processor

I’ve been doing some research before installing VASL to ensure I don’t make any mistakes. I’ve seen lots of posts about problems with Edge, JAVA and all sorts of other issues. For example, I’ve read that Edge does not support JAVA plug ins, but they are needed for the game. Yet there are still reports of people using Edge. Pretty confusing to the non expert user like myself.

Is there any where I can find some guidance about the best way to install and run VASL on my machine? Lots of the posts on it are quite old.

Any help would be appreciated.


  1. Edge is a browser.
  2. Vassal engine does not use a browser to play.
  3. You can install Java and not let it into a browser. That is the current default install.
  4. go here: filehorse.com/download-java … -64/18333/ do not use Ver. 9 or 8 there are some issues with those newer versions so stick with version 7 last build.
  5. go here to get vassal engine: vassalengine.org/download.php.
  6. go here: vassalengine.org/wiki/Category:Modules and find a game you own to download that file.
  7. start vassal engine and select file/open and follow instructions.

Have a Vassal day.