Keeping Counters Face Up in Deck

Is there a way to keep counters always facing up or down in a deck when using Layer? I know that when creating a deck it asks you if all cards are face up, down or via a mouse click, but this doesn’t seem to apply when using Layer instead of Mask.
In my situation I have a counter that has 3 facings (normal, wounded and severly wounded) but when I discard a wounded or severly wounded counter it goes to the draw deck in its current state but I would like all the counters in the draw deck to be face up.

Any suggestions?


If the discard is done via a command key then just have it trigger the layer reset. Otherwise, if the discard is done via drag and drop, use the “Command for pieces ending movement here” on the map definiton (where the discard deck is) and set it to something, like CTRL-A. Then add a trigger on your cards that on CTRL-A, and with the property check set at DeckName= - resets their layer.