Keyword Limitations?

Is there a limit in Vassal to the number of characters in a Global Property and/or does Beanshell have a limit to the number of characters in a name used in an expression (in this case the Global Property).

The reason I ask is I’m using an expression in a Set Global Property to add the results of a D12. The expression is:

{CombatCreaturePhysicalBattlePoint + D12_result}

It does come up with a value “in game” but the value is completely wrong. For example, the battle point may be 4 and the die roll my be 10 and the result will come up with something like 8. I’m using a test report to see the values in the chat window and they’re fine …it’s just the sum is wrong.

So, I was just wondering if the global property name in the expression was too long and it was bringing in a different value from some other property.

Nevermind. I’ve shortened all the variable names and I still have the problem. It’s obviously a flaw in the process so I’ll continue my hair pulling and persevere.