Korean War: Compass Games

PBEM opponent. No side preference.

Do you mean the remake of the Joe Balkoski design. If so, I would be inrterested. It would be my first time playing it, so we might have to go slowly, especially at the outset

Andrew McGrr

Yes, it is the latest version. No problem with taking our time. The game is generally balanced, but I think a new player has an easier time as the U.N. player. You’re mostly on the defense in the early turns. I personally find it easier to defend when playing a new game. That said, I have no side preference.

Phil C

Thanks. I agree about defending.

I have been reminding myself of the scenarios, and it seems to me that it would be good to begi with 1 o5 5. 2,3 and 4 are very short.

What do you think?


how about starting with scenario 1: The Invasion of South Korea? I’ll take the commies

ok.that’s fine. Can I suggest that we noe take this off VASSAL and on to our direct e-mails.

I am andrewm2050@gmail.com

I think it must be for you to start with the 2nd Action Phase of Turn 1 (Rule 16.2).


I would like to try it with Vassal. I’ve played a bit FTF.

Sounds good. Do you have a side preference?

I’d like to be the UN. I use the ACTS roller if PBEM, but online with twister is ok too. Do you want to do a scenario or tackle the campaign?

I was looking to do PBEM, so you can set up the ACTS. I’ve played the game around 6 times and would like to do the Campaign. Ready to start anytime. My email is pgc2279849@verizon.net.

I just saw this, must have gone to Andrew M’s thread. I checked after your message to me.