Labyrinth - PBEM

I’ve played Lab a few times and would like to try a PBEM game.

I’ve not used Vassal for PBEM before.

Timezone: GMT-6

hi, yes interested in playing this. Ive played the game solitair on the board and on vassal. Would be good to play an opponent. I’m in the UK, so six hours ahead of you. not much of a problem over PBEM though. PM me with details if still interested. Which is your preference? US or Al Qaeda?



Hi Leo
I have recently bought a copy of the board game and looking for players as finding it tough to get in to as its my first GMT game. Never used Vassal previously either but again looking to utilise this tool.

I’m also in the UK (Edinburgh) so time line will be a better fit if your interested. Likely to be w/e’s and evenings.

Please let me know.