Labyrinth: The War on Terror - Noob Looking for Live Play

Hi everyone. I’m new to Vassal, as well as TWOT, but don’t let that scare you! I’ve read everything I could find on here (wiki, forums, etc.) and have read through the rules / went through the playbook of TWOT too many times to count. I’m ready to go! I’m in USA east coast (though being self-employed I am highly flexible as to when I play). All that I ask (beg) is that the 1st game you have some patience w/me while I learn the ropes. I’ll pick this up quick and as I’m just getting into gaming I’m open to suggestions re: next game to pick up so feel free to push me in direction of one you need opponent for. Hit me up here, at → GLKATZ@AOL.COM or message me on Skype at → GLKATZ81