Labyrinth: The War on Terror

Hi, I’ve recently got the module and played a couple of games in solitaire. I think I’m getting the hang of the game, and I’d love to play the game with an opponent a bit smarter than the flowchart. ;) Anyone up for a game? Let me know, please.

Hi. Are you interested in a PBEM play by email game of LWOT? I have played a few games, but I’m still learning - and I am not a very great player.

private-message me your email address. I can create a dropbox folder share for us to keep our log files. Do you have a preference for sides? Or random?

Hello, I could use one more game of LWOT. Since I’m playing US with another player, I think I’d like to try my hand with Jihadis.

DB invitation sent. Game in progress.

If you are still looking, i’m in for PBEM using ACTS and Vassal vlog files. I can play both sides, and i’m not a beginner anymore.
But i have a condition, i require at least 5 moves(rounds) a week.
Let me know.

Hiya, what’s ACTS? I could use one more opponent. Your condition sounds absolutely fine.

I sent you a PM about this, but i thought i’ll write this here as well, maybe it will help somebody else in the future.

ACTS (Automated Card Tracking System) is at You need an account, but it’s free.
It’s a site that acts as a proxy for cards and dice play for a number of wargames, including LWOT.
Vassal vlog files doesn’t prevent the redoing of the turn (you can redo your turn over and over again, until you get the right dice result or cards drawn). Of course, i don’t mean you in particular, i was talking in general. With ACTS, this is prevented, as there is no undo button or function: once you roll a die, it’s rolled, once the cards are dealt at the beginning of a turn, they remain dealt. Vassal vlog files are still needed for Plots, so a combination of ACTS and Vassal logfiles offers the perfect PBEM experience.

You’ve got some other details about starting a game on PM.