Last Night On Earth - Testers Wanted!

A few years ago, a few people at put together a Vassal module for Last Night On Earth that went through 2 iterations/versions…and then the project died. Like, literally, the project just died. None of the people involved have even logged on to that site in years, and the module sat in limbo.

Thanks to my own ridiculous inability to let things go, I was able to track down the original project members and get hold of all the art and pieces and stuff they did, and I’ve been able to create version 3 of the vassal module for this game. And while I have been play-testing as I’ve created, and I’ve play-tested the first few turns of the game, I am just one person and would really like to get some other people to help play this and make sure that the module is worthy of posting.

So I’m looking for a few people that would be willing to do an online test of the game. I technically need only 1 other person as we could have one of us play all 4 heroes and 1 person play both zombies, but I’d rather we have at least 4 total people (2 players controlling 4 heroes, 1 player controlling half the zombies, 1 player controlling the other half of the zombies). I don’t know how popular this game is outside forums, but I have to ask.

My time in the next 2 weeks is a bit limited, and I’m going on vacation on the 28th for 10 days. But if we can swing an hour or two at night one of these days, that’d be cool. And by night, I mean sometime after 5 PM PDT.

Any takers?

I’ll help. I’m retired so I’m available just about anytime. I live in California. I also have a Ventrilo voice chat server.

Send me a note and we can work out the details.

So, I’m going on vacation in like 2 days, and will be unable to test during that time. I get back on July 7; would you be available at some point after that?

I’m pretty much available for the rest of my life. Send me a note and I can give you my Ventrilo chat server info whenever you’re ready to get together.