Layer control problems

I want to use the Map Layer control element (3.5.2). It seems that the controls are really screwed up. It appears that the commands are linked to the wrong actions.

The “reset layers” option instead “switches layers between active and inactive.”
The “make inactive” option is actually “make active” or perhaps “reset.”
The “switch layers between active and inactive” is really “make layers inactive.”
I have no idea what the others do.

Thanks for the report. Have opened issue … i?id=14125 and will investigate.

I have tracked down the problem. The Descriptions of the actions did not match the effect of the actions. 2 where correct, 4 where incorrect. This bug was introduced into 3.5.

I have pushed a fix for 3.5.4.

If you have a github account, you can try the snapshot here containing this fix: … /689656109