layer or not layer???

Hey community,
i got a last problem with my module. I have a button which allow me to draw card from a deck, it working great but when i put the card that i draw in the discard pile then the card in the discard pile go to my hand again…
i think the solution is layer but i didnt know how to achieve it, even with the wiki…
(its maybe possible to set up my global key command to not draw cards in a spécific deck but im not sure…

or mark when moved???

The only way a card can return to your hand from the discard pile is if something is triggering it to do so. I’d examine the triggers on you cards and how they’re activated as, I would imagine, that’s where you will find the problem.

On your global key command, use a matching property ‘DeckName = myDrawDeck’ (with the appropriate deck name) to draw cards from your draw pile and not your discard pile.


it doesnt work…is it in a deck global key command?? cause i put just a global key command on the board assigne to an hotkey
I put two print screen just below.
I don’t know what’s goes wrong
thx in advance

I think that should work, so there must be something else going on. Can you post a link to the module so we can take a look at it?


Its good now !!! CurrentMap = (the map where your deck is) && DeckName = (the name of the deck) in matching properties^^
i’m so happy, thx for the help…