Layer question

I’m working on an update to VASL and I need help figuring out how to do something.

In ASL, Squads and Halfsquads can “break”, as well as “Battle Harden” (increase in strength) or “ELR” (decrease in strength). The current way we do this is shown below for a 4-5-7 squad. Hitting CTRL-F will activate a Broken Squad layer, replacing the 4-5-7 with that counter showing a single 6. To replace a squad with a halfsquad, we hit CTRL-V to activate the Halfsquad layer, replacing the 4-5-7 with a 2-3-7. Hitting CTRL-F from there will activate the Broken Halfsquad layer, replacing the 2-3-7 with the counter showing a single 5. Also shown is the progression for the Battle Hardened 4-5-8 squad and the ELR’d 4-3-7 squad; each of the four layers (Squads, Broken Squads, Halfsquads, and Broken Halfsquads) has CTRL-E and CTRL-Q commands to decrease or increase the levels within that layer to show the appropriate counter.


What I want to do is implement a rule that says the broken side strength of these units is 1 greater when facing Italians (don’t ask me why - apparently Italians didn’t scare these guys too much). Thus, instead of the single 6 for the broken squad in the example above, we’d have a 7. See the red columns below for what the results should look like:


My question is: how do I implement this? I assume that I’ll need two new layers as depicted (Broken Squads vs Italians and Broken Halfsquads vs Italians), and that I should use the same CTRL-E, CTRL-Q commands to decrease or increase the unit strengths as normal, but I’m not sure what CTRL command to use to activate these layers, or where to stack them in the order of layers. Help?

I realize that this is perhaps not the most elegant way of implementing this functionality. It’d make more sense to have the unit strengths be Properties that could be shown as Text elements in separate layers. Unfortunately, we’re dealing with legacy images here, and it’d be painful to change the thousands of counters in VASL.mod to accommodate the “sensible” way of doing this. So, given the less-than-great way we work with counters (using images and not properties), is there some solution here?

Thanks for any help.

Found the answer (or perhaps “AN” answer, but for me it’s THE answer)

The Activation command for the “broken squad vs Italians” layer is ctrl-FI (F plus capital-i)
The Activation command for the “broken HS vs Italians” layer is ctrl-FVI

There’s no extra Activation keystroke for the other levels inside those layers (ie, ctrl-E and ctrl-Q stay as normal within those layers)

Then I tweaked the alINF prototype (to which both squads and halfsquads subscribe) to add a Trigger Action with the menu command “+1 brk ML vs IT” with a keystroke of ctrl-I