Layer reset to level bug? (Vassal 3.6.1)

According to the docs, a piece with a layer with always active un-checked should not be automatically activated when the reset to level command is triggered.

NOTE: The Reset to Level command does not automatically activate the Layer.

However, this seems not to be the case, with the layer activating whenever it is reset. I have a simple module ready to demo this, but can’t figure out how to upload it with the new forum interface.

You can’t upload it here. Try any one of the many free upload services (Dropbox, Google Drive) or your own web space and provide a link.

Ok, thanks, done that, here is the link:

How to use: just drag and drop the single piece in the palette to the main board. This piece has a single layer trait with two levels (1=washed out small orange image, 2=small orange image) with “always active” UN-checked. Whenever this piece is placed on the map from the palette, or just moved around on the map, a reset to level 1 of the single layer trait there is triggered. It turns out the layer is also activated in the process, when it shouldn’t.

Do you know of a version where this worked?

Well, I can try back track, but for now I found it to be buggy all the way back to 3.2.17

Yeah here’s the code for “reset level” - seems pretty explicit (definitely activates the level)

      setValue(Math.abs(level) - 1);
      setActive(level > 0);

We could change this I guess, but if this has been the behavior forever maybe we should just change the documentation?