Layer trait not available in VASL

So I’m new to this but there appear to be two layer traits… One that is up near the top of the trait list, and one that is at the very bottom. I seem to need the latter to add multiple keystroke actions. However, that second layer trait is no longer visible. I can only see the first one. I sear I did at one time see the second…

Any ideas?

I figured this one out while moving through the source.

Layers (aka Embellishment) were rewritten. To quote the comments:

  • Embellishment has been extensively re-written for Vassal 3.2 changing
  • both the behavior and the visual look of the configurer. A version
  • number has been added to distinguish between the two versions.
  • Note, there is also a much older Embellishment trait with a type of emb
  • When editing a module, the old versions will be automatically converted to
  • the new version. One feature (multiple keystrokes for a command) cannot
  • be converted.
  • This class contains the complete code of the original version 0
  • emb2 Embellishment to support editing of unconverted version 0 Embellishments
  • and run-time support for modules containing unconverted traits.

So VASL is written using 3.1 Layers to do its half-squad magic.