Layer trait question

i’m trying to use 2 layer traits to add directional gun-turret images to gamepieces. each trait has 6 imagefiles, they cycle thru the images together on identical ctrl-key commands for clockwise/counterclockwise rotation. one trait shows a ‘crew-exposed’ turret, the other shows a ‘buttoned-up’ aspect.

currently, i have one trait set as ‘always active’, both are tagged ‘underneath when highlighted’. thing is, though, when the 2nd layer is activated, it falls ‘under’ the 1st layer when the gamepiece is highlighted, temporarily showing the wrong CE/BU aspect.

what i’d like to do is have only one of them active at a time, using the same ctrl-key to toggle between the 2 traits - to simultaneously turn one off and turn on t’other.

any advice on how this could be done (including direct buildFile edits) ?