Layer update Game Piece property

I am working on a wargame module, which flips counters to reduced values eg 5-10-12 becomes 2-5-12.

Defined Property ‘data’ is set to “5-10-12”, which I would like to change to “2-5-12” on a keystroke. The reduced value could easily be held in a second property (‘data-reduced’). It looks like I want to do this with a layer change, but I cannot see an obvious way to do it. Clearly I could have the values in img files and change the layer image overlay with a keystroke, but I want to change the data, not an image (and have the property accessible in a property sheet)

Dynamic properties may offer something but I con’t have a clear idea…

To complicate the issue, Artillery reduces from eg “6-1-18” to “6d1-18” so incr/decrement a number property in the layer is not all that is required

Help welcome, thanks in advance

answering my own q.

I decided not to do this with a layer, as layers are really about image overlays. I am using a Dynamic Property on a GamePiece Prototype to display and change the value(s). I define 5-10-12 as the base, and have a dynamic change to 2-5-12 on ‘reduce’ (ctrl-shift-r) I have added a revert to 5-10-12 as a flip back too.
Took some time to ensure that the other properties displayed too; that was down to Trait order.
If anyone knows how I could drive this from a ‘flip’ of entered properties I’d be interested. Now lets see if I can concatenate 3 properties into a single value…

Layers are actually easy once you understand them. Best way I think to use layer is to make them always active, assign the front of the counter to image 1, make image 2 the reduced side. Assign CTRL F as the increase button so that when you press control F it will flip from image 1 to image 2.

I have a deck of chits that I assigned image 1 as the hidden cover for the chit, image 2 is the full strength side and image 3 is the reduced strength side. I did the above and when I hit control F is unhides the unit in effect to the full strength side. Another control f and it is the reduced side. I also assigned ALT R as a reset key to put it back to the hidden side. That way when I used the return to deck function, I can use a trigger to intercept the shit D ( assigned key to return to deck for me) I can issue an alt r to reset the counter before it returns to deck thus making it always show the hidden side in the deck.

Layers are a great tool, please take the time to learn how to use them, if you need help PM me I will show you what I know about them.

Good luck!

Thanks for the reply, I did some work on layers and then I chose not to use layers as I did not want lots of images and associated management; I have been looking to manage the piece data by properties. Haviung an image for each combo of atk-def-move and the flip side would be excessive (100’s) so I have limited image definitions to templates (eg US INF, BR INF, GE INF) and every change in unit designation and combat/movement is just a text property. It’s working well for me, and makes for a much smaller module. I have used layers and masks for other uses in the module.