On the Wiki, the board game tutorial says something I’ve never seen before. it’s about combining shortcuts into one. The section on Advanced Layers is about how to make a Layer only activatable if a different layer is activated…

"Advanced Layers: When a Zombie unit is in its Undead state, it can activate its Undeath Ray, directed either up, down, or to either side. We’ll add a second Layer to the Zombie Base to represent the Undeath Ray. Select “Layer” again from the list of available traits and hit the “Add” button. Give the Layer four levels using the images RayN.gif, RayE.gif, RayS.gif, and RayW.gif. Note that these images also use transparency to offset the depiction from the center of the counter. The Increase/Decrease commands will change the facing of the ray. Set the “Increase” command name to “Rotate Ray CW” and the “Decrease” command name to “Rotate Ray CCW.” Set the keys to CTRL-X/CTRL-Z so as not to conflict with the commands to rotate the ship. The Activate command will show or hide the depiction, so we set the “Activate” command name to “Undeath Ray.” For the Activate key command, a simple CTRL-R would toggle the depiction on/off whenever the player selected the counter and typed CTRL-R. We can instead specify that the layer can only be activated in the Undead state by specifying the key to be CTRL-RU, which means that the player must type both CTRL-U (which we have also named as the key to activate the Undead status layer) and CTRL-R to activate the layer. "

So evidently “Ctrl-RU” would activate both Ctrl-R and Ctrl-U in this case…is that still true? If it’s still true, what’s the rules for combining shortcuts like that? Does it only work with the Layer trait? Anyone have any insight into this?