Learning to create modules

I’ve been through the first 5 of Joel Toppen’s You Tube tutorials, and have a couple of snags.

  1. I can create a counter that will flip, but it will not flip back to the basic counter. I have tried several times, doing each step as Joel does it in the tutorial, but obviously am missing something. Perhaps the way I enter the counter into the module originally?

  2. the game I am doing, has the turn record on a separate chart. I have the chart just fine, but the turn marker won’t move to it! It moves onto the board, but not onto the chart. And, of course, it will flip to Soviet turn, but not back to German turn.


You remind me of me a year or 2 ago. I’m sure nostrodomus remembers how I didn’t get the deck/piece thing. Anyway, to your problems:

  1. I assume you are doing you flipping with a layer trait for the back-side, the front-side is the image for the basic piece. Make sure the “Always Active” box in the layer trait is unchecked. Check the box that says “Loop Through Levels”. In the Activate Layer boxes, enter your Menu Command and your flip Key. My menu Command is “Flip”, the Key is “F”. Your counter should flip back now, and flip again.

  2. You should make your Turn Chart into a map, under a Chart Menu Window. You create a Map under that, then a Map Window, then a Map Board, which is obviously your Turn Chart. Now (and this part is a little tedious) you create an Irregular Grid, one region for each point on the turn track. The regions don’t need to be named individually, but you might want to. I recommend that you give each region a unique grid location, otherwise they all end up at 0,0, and a stack of regions all select together. Once you create your list of regions close the irregular grid folder & save the module. I don’t know why, but unless you do that, the regions tend to be erratic as to if they appear in the next step. Once you close the module you won’t have an issue with regions appearing. Now drag the regions to center of each turn space on your chart. Regions appear as a single dot above a label. Now your turn counter should snap to the nearest region when you move it.

Thanks for the quick reply Joel. I got a counter to flip back and forth, so that is solved. I have to digest the other stuff and work with it. I also want to add a random draw cup, and need to know how that is done. I’d assume after creating it , I follow the #2 instructions for charts.

Yes. I am assuming here that your turn track is not a regular grid. If it were you would probably not have had problem.

Check out the Kobayashi Maru and Sherwood Syndrome modules for Random Draw Cups.


Yup, that’s basically how to do it. I liked the dice buttons. They were like I did my 11-66 dice a while back, but the Star Trek ones are prettier.

Thanks to your help, I got that going right. I’m now concentrating on the draw cup, using the diplomacy draw in USE as a model. The cup has to contain all 10 untried units and randomly select them, untried face up. Then they have to be able to go to the map and function to flip, but not flip back. I think I’ll get it, but will be back for more advice if I get stuck. Thank you.

Yep, I’m stuck. I created a draw deck, in the draw cup feature. I can draw randomly, and the drawn counter works perfectly, but after drawing one counter, the next draw takes the rest of the stack instead of another single counter. I also can’t figure out how to set the counters in the cup as a startup stack when opening the module. I have to put them in manually from the pieces module.

Wouldn’t you WANT to have to populate an AM cup manually? (I’m assuming you’re working on a chit pull activation marker draw cup). In most games with this design device, you have to determine which commands have chits put in the cup, and how many chits for each command, correct? This fluctuates based on scenario, efficiency, etc., correct?

Hope I’m not sidetracking your question, and that you learn how to properly create a start-up stack… but I also thought I’d ask the clarifying question about what it is you’re trying to do. :slight_smile:

This game has 10 untried units, and that is all. No more can be added to a game so it is necessary to put the 10 markers in a startup stack, and have none in the pieces palette. They must come out randomly so a player cannot choose whichever one he/she wants.

Gotcha. Inventive strategy…