Legendary: Marvel - Difficulty with Hotseat


Running wootersl and Devodog’s Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game v2.51 module, with VASSAL 3.2.7.

I’m able to load the module and start initial prep of adding heroes to the hero deck, adding cards to the villain deck, etc. However, things seem to break down after that point, the initial villain deck draw takes place, but the main board and next turn steps don’t appear to show. I may be missing some non-automated portion or basic.

I’m trying to run hot seat from one computer, but I have the same difficulty online.

Any chance of a basic workflow of player actions needed to initiate the automated bits? I know this is on the workflow for this project, but till then even a couple bullet points would be amazingly helpful. Big fan of the game, this implementation seems very high quality and tantalizingly close to me playing! :smiley: Thanks to all for their help.