Limit movement from a zone

Is there a way that a card can be moved freely, until it is moved to a zone, then the piece mostly gets locked down? (unless you undo?)

i.e. Card named Religion is drawn from a main draw deck, and moved from the main map to a player board/map into a zone called Yellow Hand. then it could be moved to another zone called “Yellow”.

How could it -then- be locked, so it can’t be drug out of the zone?

Or at least can’t be moved off the board, until it is first removed from the zone “yellow”?

I can prevent it from being moved back to a deck on the main board. And using triggers Oldzone==“Yellow” → play sound, report “Stop! Undo!” but is there a way to prevent the card in a specific zone from being removed from the zone?

Thanks for your help.

You could set up a Trigger (which responds to the map-level key command applied to all units ending movement there and has the named zone specified in the property match expression) whereby the card replaces itself with another card that is identical except for the addition of the Does Not Stack trait, set to Select: yes, Move: never. If the card becomes subsequently moveable again later due to some game state change, you’d have to add another Replace With Other trait that swaps back in the original version of the card.

Obviously this is problematic if this card is meant to have others stacked on it while immobile.