Linking 2 similar counters in separate Private Maps

Sorry for so many questions folks, but I am still very new to VASSAL in general. I have seen in past posts it is possible to link two counters together, so that if one is moved on one private map, it can move another identical counter on a second private map or other map. Can this be done so that if either linked counter is moved in either separate map it will move the other linked counter too, or does it work only one way? I am trying to create an “Umpire” Map that can show all player units and allow the umpire to move units there if needed, but have private maps for the individual players that see only their own units.

ie: There is at least two separate Private Map Windows “A” and “B”. (Players/Private Maps “C”, “D”, “E”, etc don’t see these units.)
There is a counter representing the exact same tank on “A” and “B.”
If the Player that owns map “A” moves the tank it also moves on “B” to the same location, as it stops on “A.”
And if the player that owns “B” moves the tank it also moves to the same location on “A” that it stops on “B.”

ALSO if new counters are placed on Private Map Window “B” can they automatically spawn these linked counters, but NOT spawn them if they are created on Private Map Window “A.” Basically all new units placed by Player B (or C, D, E, etc) will show up for them and the Umpire, but not the other players?

What would this entail to create? I might need help walking through the process.

This all sounds possible, through global key commands, place marker, and send to traits. Fiddly though, and I can’t write up a detailed how-to right now.