Linking many pieces to a card

I was able to link a card to a piece so it gets highlighted when that card is flipped, but I cant seem to link many pieces to a card when it gets flipped.

I think my problem is in the properties section. FOr the single pieces I put BasicName=unitname. What sort of seperators should I use for multiple pieces? Ive tried BasicName = Piece1 BasicName = Piece2 BasicName = Piece3, that didnt work.
Ive tried: BasicName = Piece1&&BasicName = Piece2&&BasicName = Piece3&& that didnt work
Ive tried BasicName = Piece1&&Piece2&&Piece3 Didnt work
Ive tried PlayerSide = side but that didnt work. Any Help!

Instead of using BasicName, add marker traits to your units that require it
such as marker name: Highlighton with a value : true

Then you can use this in your properties instead: Highlighton = true

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