Linux and die rolls

Hi Everyone

Many thanks to the people who have created this wonderfull piece of software!!!

I am amazed at the things it can do and i am driving my wife crazy with all the old bookcases of games i had kept in the attic for almost 20 years (she would probably not have married if she knew what it was i had up there)

I am playing ASL, Russian Front and WaP and TSBEF with many friend around the world who share my interest in the hobby so thanks a lot again.

I have a question as well concerning installment on a linux machine. I am not that good at linux yet but i would appreciate a few more hints than simply “run the .sh script” please

And just a suggestion: sometimes people quarrel about the dieroller saying it can either be manipulated or people just do a new file if they are not satisfied with the result. I do not think that you can overcome all the issues but if a timestamp was created during the time when you created a logfile you could pair that with the dieroll time to see that it all went in the same process.


Lars-Peder Jensen