list of improvements from a client tester

I helped playtest and get SFBonline up and running back in 2000. Im the mid 2000’s I was the VTESonline ambassador for the (unfortunately defunct now) gatling engine. I have known about vassal for a long time but never got into it until I recently rekindled my wargame interest. This is my list of desired imporvements for the geneal vassal interface. Were work to be made on this, it would guarantee my financial contribution. Comments welcome.

1-why doesnt dblclicking on the game module in the server status window open that module?
(I have to wonder why a general chat rooms isn’t built into the main vassal engine, so that people can move around and chat with anyone in the main or module mainrooms without loading game modules, then only load modules when they are going to actually play or observe a game in progress)
2-why cant we show the server status in our game module window so we can just see who is around just for those games we have loaded? Whats the ‘server status’ checkbox for here if it doesnt do that?? Perhaps create a checkbox that will hide all module rooms for modules you do not have loaded in your library.
3-should have ‘x has entered/left’ comments when people leave or enter the room
4-undo should not clone past player comments to log, just game moves undone. This is just unnecesary spam.
5-allow creation of one target/attacker los ‘string’ on playing field rt click menu. Do not clear this string unless a player clicks clear twice in a row. This allows both players to use it for ease of play. Alternatively, autocreate string on first ‘attacker’ marker and match target marker to nearest enemy unit (current setup requires 4 clicks everytime you want to target something, or 2 click and drags if using markers already in play. With a single string in play and defaults set to nearest enemy, it will cut this in half in most cases)
6-when loading new game, i’m prompted to create a new room for this game…shouldnt the vassal engine do that for us??
7-am i loading modules wrong? It seems like I have to open them, which starts the module as well as load them. It seems to me that there should be a load as well as open option, one that just ‘plugs it in’ to the library and one that actually starts it for play.
8-dock serverstatus window with chat module and module library into 1 screen, autoopen all 3 with basic vassal program
9-every game module could benefit from some scripted buttons like ‘thinking’, ‘ok’, ‘wait’, ‘ready’ and so on.