live opponents chat

live opponents chat saturday 5 30 09 7pm central.

list 5 games you want an opponent to play.

1.blitzkrieg live or pbem easy game
2.ukraine 43 live or pbem.need to learn rules
3.midway live
4.the ardennes live or pbem beginner
5.gettysburg 88 ah live need to learn rules

if you see someone start a pm chat or just chat live.
open to any ideas lets just have some fun.
see ya there 7pm central sat.

how many dive bombers does the ijn carrier zuiho have? :smiley:

i would like to thank vassal and all of the people behind the scenes for bringing this to the net.

i started wargaming my jr year in hs 1974.woow what a good year.
i was in history class and this kid mentioned he sunk some ijn carriers.
this caught me off guard i had played battleship but never a real wargame.i asked him w here he bought it and went down and put my 5 dollars down.5 bucks that was a lot of money for me.i worked at the midway which showed movies on the big screen.great job.that is the beginning for about you

commands and colors ancients
the battle of akragas 406bc
the carth. army has how many leaders?

make sure you sign in or log in what ever you call it. :open_mouth:

is there anyboddyyy out thereeeee :smiley:

what victory route runs thru bastogne? :slight_smile:

one of things i never thought to ask my opponent is which rules edition are we going by.i was playing midway 64 and my partner had the smiths was that funny.that is what makes gaming just never know.

what changes or additions would you like vassal to do? … re=related

anybody have the answers. :open_mouth:

You might try looking here for an opponent:


I want to include your geeklist in my RRS Factory Flash service … but it seems that the Rss is only provided for Forums at BGG ? Right ?



You can filter by geeklists… … &infilters[]=geeklist

But I don’t know how to get it set to just ONE list in particular.


I’m in the process of purchasing Ukraine '43 and hopefully should have it fairly soon. I’m purchasing the game so I can play on Vassal and would be happy to send you a note when I have it.

Best wishes,


sounds great.