Live Play on Sundays - CST

I am looking for a partner that would like to play on Vassal live on most Sunday afternoons (Central Standard Time) with play-by-email in between. Something like 2pm to 6pm each session.

I believe the best games would be those with short turns, such as the GMT card driven games, but I am interested in all of the following games:

Hannibal: Rome vs Cathage
Hammer of the Scots
Wilderness War
We the People
The Napoleonic Wars
War & Peace
Napoleon’s Triumph
For the People
The Civil War
Paths of Glory
Empire of the Sun
Squad Leader
Twilight Struggle
1960: Making President

Please send me a private message if you are interested!


Sunday has not drawn much interest, how about Saturdays or weekday evenings anyone?

Just send me a PM regarding the game you would like to play and when to plan live sessions.


hey john i have a few of the games you mentioned week days after work might work lets give it a shot i live in california so the time should,nt be a problem.sean