Load Multiple Pieces - Layer Error

I have successfully used the Mass Piece Loader (Add Multiple Pieces) many times. Including pieces with multiple layers.

This time I need to load a large number of pieces with an always active layer trait, with two layers, and NOT load the base image into the Basic trait. I set the Layer properties as shown in Layer 1.png and Layer 2.png: Image 1 is set to “use Base Image” and Image 2 is set to “ends with” “back”.

[attachment=2]Layer 1.png[/attachment]

[attachment=1]Layer 2.png[/attachment]

The Load Multiple Pieces tool shows the images will be loaded as desired – no base image in the Basic Piece trait, and both images in the Layer:

[attachment=0]Load Multiple Pieces.png[/attachment]

The loaded pieces correctly have no image in the Basic Piece trait. However, they do not have the basic image loaded into Image 1 of the Layer. Image 1 has nothing (while Image 2 properly has the image with name *back.png).

Is this a bug in the Load Multiple Pieces tool? Is there a work around?

Or am I doing something wrong? – How can I get two different images to load into the layer (image 1 & image 2) without loading any image into the Basic Piece trait?


Tom W

I figured out how to get around this the hard way.

First I named the basic images * front.png and the flip side * back.png. However, after setting the layer image 1 and image 2 to “ends with” “front” and “back” respectively, the Multiple Piece Loader was not going to load anything at all.

So then I duplicated the basic image without “front” in the filename. This gave three images per piece.

So I wanted each piece to have no image in the Basic Piece trait and two images in the always active layer. I ended up with filenames as follows:

name.png (this gave the Multiple Piece Loader a name for the piece, but I check DO NOT LOAD BASIC IMAGE)

name front.png (used as image 1 in the layer) (same image as name.png but obviously different file name)

name back.png (used as image 2 in the layer)

Hope this helps someone.

Tom W