Load Multiple Pieces + Layers Trait not working


just found out the neat feature of loading multiple pieces at once, but I am already at loss with it and the help file for mass piece loader is missing.

I am trying to make 2 sided counters, but can’t get it working. My image files’ names end with A for front side and B for back side being otherwise identical. When I point to the image directory, it takes all the files to list. When I add layer to template using “‘image name ends with’ B”, the files ending with B dissappear from the list (which I guess is good thing). BUT when I press ok and generate the pieces, they don’t have layer trait attached to them thus being in effect one sided counters with only front sides. Other traits I put on them (e.g. prototypes) appear correctly on every piece and seem to work.

Could you please kindly point out how I could get this thing working? It would save immense loads of work to get those pieces generated automatically.

As of interesting sidenote, if I check option “do not load image files into Basic piece traits”, then it adds the layer to all the added pieces, but the picture in layer is same in every and each of them (it loads the first image file ending with B and uses it as the flip side of the all pieces loaded). This way I can get names correct and only will need to adjust correct images to pieces (and layers) which already saves time, but I bet this is not working as intended (or I am not using it as intended).

Ok, problem solved.

It seems that because my pieces were named “unit 1 A” for front side and “unit 1 B” for back side, the system didn’t recognize them. When I dropped the A from front side naming, system recognized “unit 1 B” as intended layer for “unit 1”. If you plan to make any documentation on this feature, think about adding this info.