Lock Piece In Place

So I’m recreating a module for a game, and the game has a board consisting of multiple pieces that can make up numerous configurations. Once the board is set up, there are tokens that move about and do stuff. What I’d like to do is lock the board pieces into place while allowing the tokens to move about freely.

I know about decks, but that locks any piece on that spot into place. Is there some setting or property that I’m missing that does this?

Would the “Does not stack” property that allows to set a piece so that it cannot be selected or moved work for your requirement?

On those pieces that you want to lock, you’ll probably want to use a Replace with Other trait.

What you’d do is place a Marker on the pieces you want to lock …something like UnitType = LockIt

Define a Replace with Other trait as being exactly the same as the piece you’re replacing except give it the Does Not Stack trait and check not movable.

Then, once your setup is done, send a command to all piece with UnitType = LockIt to trigger the Replace with Other. This will lock them in.

The problem is that I want to lock the map piece in a specific place and prevent it from being moved once placed. I tried making the map pieces as a deck, but this caused any actual cards (the game is a combo of dice and cards and movable pieces) that were placed onto the deck area to overlap the map piece, as well as overlapping any other cards that may get thrown onto that piece.

I tried Does Not Stack, and my results weren’t the greatest. I’m sure I’m doing something wrong here; Does Not Stack didn’t prevent the piece from being moved once it was set. It also didn’t place the piece in the area I want it to be in.

Would I need to use grids, either multi-zoned or irregular, to get this to work?

Deck and grids have nothing to do with this.

There’s a property on the Does Not Stack trait that gives you the options to Select and/or Move a piece. If you set the move to Never, it cannot be moved.

If the piece begins the game at a specific location, than create it as an At-Start Stack and include the Does Not Stack trait to make it immovable.

As far as pieces covering up other pieces… you can set up map layers to prevent this. Right-click the [Map Window] where you wish to layer pieces and select “Add Game Piece Layers”. In the properties, give it a name like MapLayers
Then create your list of layers. NOTE: the first layer named in your list is the bottommost layer on the map. So, you may end up with a list like


Then you want to add a Marker trait to your pieces. Give it a Property Name of MapLayers and the Property Value would be the name of the level you want it on.

Once completed, card will always be over tokens, which will be over tiles, which will be over anything on the map level.

Thanks for the advice. I can’t set the pieces as an at-start stack because the nature of the game allows for a different board setup every time you play. Basically, you have one of two center pieces, and then 4 of 6 corner pieces.

I’ve looked at the Does Not Stack options, and that might work. For now I’m just going to let the pieces float about and hope that I don’t accidentally move them when testing. Which so far hasn’t happened, so maybe I don’t need to do this. :slight_smile:

So, Does Not Stack is not working like I thought it would here. In fact, the boards are doing some weird stuff.

So I’ve got a center board and 4 L-shaped boards, which I can lay down normally. I have pieces that I can lay down on top of them, and I can move the pieces around as I need to. However, if I have a piece on an L-Shaped Board near the corner of the center board and I try to move it, I end up moving the center board. This causes the boards to move without me wanting them to AND it causes the pieces in the game to get lost, shuffled around, etc.

I still don’t know how to lock the board pieces into place. I want to set the board pieces down and make them so they can’t be selected or moved once they are set. How do I accomplish this?