Locked rooms should not allow synching from outside

At the moment if you are in a locked room, someone in another room can still synch to your game. This is a problem because the 40K module has a problem child who enjoys wrecking games - he/she synchs to a game and copies/pastes/deletes pieces. He/she does this even if you lock the room by joining or creating an unlocked room then synching into your locked game.

This has happened the last 2 games in a row and really cripples the game.

Alternatively some way to find out another player’s IP address would be nice, so I could do an IP lookup on the spammer and lodge a harassment complaint with his/her ISP.

Greeaaattt, just tell them all how to do it ¬_¬

Ah, now I can annoy everyone in the locked rooms haha!

Maybe an admin should delete this post and the developers should discuss this per pm or in a secret forum?

Sorry, but everyone who wants to annoy people this way will find out very quickly that this is possible. It’s not such a mystery to try and sync anyway.

Yes, but are you sure they can actually influence the game from another room?

I have been trying this out myself with two instances of Vassal and my testing seems to indicate that even though you can Synch with a player in another room, none of the moves you generate actually get sent to the game in progress, so you can have no effect at all.

Are you sure the problem child was not already a member of the room before it was locked?


I appreciate your concern Tim, but you’ve probably noticed that the person who does this already figured out for himself how to do it?

Yes, quite sure. We created a new game and locked the room before anyone else could get in. He still cloned and deleted pieces at will.

I must admit I haven’t tried messing around with another game from outside the room (though I’m happy to do it with a willing pair of collaborators for testing purposes, I’m not prepared to ruin someone else’s game however).

Quick update - have now tested it online - when you synch to a game from outside a locked room, you can move pieces in the game.

Hi Boss,

Could you contact me directly by email at b.easton at uws.edu.au