Logical Expressions

When using the AND and OR when creating a property expression (for example, firing off an action when certain conditions are met in the Trigger When Properties Match box), do they resolve in left to right order? Is there any way to create a box entry for the Trigger When Properties Match box along the lines of:

Trigger when properties match: (A or B or C) and (D or E or F)?

From what I understand, you can’t put in parentheses.
Best I can figure out is to store True/False (A or B or C)
in a dymanic variable and store (D or E or F) in a second variable and compare them. Any other suggestion?

They’re evaluated with fixed precedence. From memory, AND first, then OR, so

Would have to be written “A and D or A and E or A and F or B and D or …”


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So if you wanted to do (A and B and C) or (B and E and F) you could just remove parentheses and write it as is?