Looking for a Breakout: Normandy opponent


I’m looking for someone to play a Breakout:normandy pbem game. I’ve just read the rules and I’d like to learn playing the game. So, I’m an absolute newbie

I’m from Spain and I could send a movement three or four times a week.

Thank you


I am a Brit based in Lisbon, Portugal. Have long wanted to play Breakout Normandy but have always lacked an opponent. Have some experience of PBEM on Vassal.

I would not be able to start playing before New Year but if you still need an opponent I am here.


No problem, Henry. I can wait 'til next year. I have also some experience of PBEM on Vassal with other wargames.

We talk on January

Merry Christmas and happy new Year

OK Antonio I’ll post again in the New Year. I hope you and your family have an excellent Xmas and a good start to 2009