LOOKING FOR A GAME: something with small, quick skirmishes

Something with ancient military or fantasy units that is tactical and fairly quick moving. Random map would be nice, but not necessary. Any ideas or recommendations? Thanks.


I’d recommend Commands and Colors: Ancients, or Battlelore (I haven’t tried the latter, but it’s a similar system). Simple and tactical, although too abstract for some tastes.

If you prefer games which reward strategy & tactics, I recommend C&C:A. But if you like a fair amount of chrome and chaos, go with Battlelore. I personally prefer C&C:A.

I have been looking at both and guessed that both would be recommended. Thanks for the confirmation. I will see you soon playing both.

Perhaps DBV is your game. It adapts DBA, the famous ancient and medieval wargame rules from Barker&Scott.

DBA is a synonym for simplicity !

Sorry, rookie here. What do DBV and DBA stand for? Thanks.


DBV is the Vassal module for DBA.

If mehrunes thinks DBA is simple and quick then I’m guessing he has not played Commands and Colors:Ancients hehe.