Looking for a live game of Washington's War

Anyone up for a game this evening? I am in US/Eastern GMT-5 Timezone. I am available now until late.

Don’t own the game, but I own We the People. If that is ok, I will play you

I own WW, do both players have to own it to use Vassal?

no, I have the vassal module

So will Washington’s War work? I’m not familiar w/ We the People.

sure, we can play. Washington’s War is a remake of We the People.

It would help if you had skype. I think the combat system might have changed and I will need someone to explain it to me.

I’m working on getting skype set up. I’m not sure if I have a mic for this computer.

Here is a great chart for combat resolution: boardgamegeek.com/filepage/55000 … war-player

I’m on skype. I PMed you my username there.

Sorry it didn’t work out for tonight. Maybe I’ll catch you another time.

I pmed you my skype. call me when you can play