looking for an opponent in roads to moscow

I just got roads to moscow as my first wargame and somehow it seems that there are barely any people playing the game. It strikes me cause naturally there are few people playing wargames (especially in europe) and Roads to moscow seems like a good one (without having played any other wargame so far ;) ). So if your up for a game just post here or prefereably Email me on: Maxriedmann@web.de

First wargame? Not a bad one, I just looked at the review on boardgamegeek.com. I am not familiar with the game(don’t own it) but it looks interesting. Lot of guys like the simpler games(Euros). I started on wargames myself. If there’s another title we can try, I suggest The Russian Campaign by Avalon Hill. May have to do PBEM but I know the game(own it) and it’s very simple as East front titles go. Welcome, Max.